Our mission

To be masters in our knowledge and serve the leading global organisations in the key markets we operate in. 

Our Roots

NSI Talent was setup in 2009 by Deepak Bhavsar and financed by NSI Technology (an international IT Consultancy with a presence across 4 continents).

Deepak originally moved to the Middle East region in 2007 with a FTSE 250 UK based recruitment group. As their first hire within the Middle East operation, Deepak was tasked with assisting in the setup of their technology desk in the region. In the two years he spent with them he managed to create a highly profitable business unit, which consequently enabled him to achieve the title of top global revenue generator within his second year.

Following this success, he was headhunted by NSI Technology to start up a recruitment company focused on the international, professional services marketplace, today known as NSI Talent.